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Reducing crime by supporting people after release

January 2, 2019

This post is about 100 words and can be read in about 5 minutes. Everybody wants a world in which there is less crime.  That is why rehabilitation is one of the main official purposes of the criminal justice system. ...

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Suicide in prisons: An international comparison

July 8, 2018

This post is 700 words and will take 3 minutes to read. Suicide rates among people in prison are dramatically higher than those in the general population, although this varies greatly among countries.  This is the conclusion of a recent...

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Women need health care to stay out of prison

October 23, 2017 |

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. Patricia Jansen, Mo Korchinski, Ruth Elwood Martin, all from the University of British Columbia “What I have done is not who I am. Most of us are emotionally...

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