The John Howard Society of Canada’s
Arts Inside and Out Project

The Arts Inside and Out Project is a social enterprise to forge understanding and pathways for prisoners to become contributing members of their communities through their art work. The beauty, pain, and even humour reflected in their art reminds us that those confined in prisons are fellow human beings capable of reflection and transformation.

It is the hope of the John Howard Society that this social enterprise will eventually result in prison programs that cultivate artistic talent, convey marketable skills like framing and print making, and support the successful reintegration of prisoners through the recognition and development of their artistic talent. The John Howard Society of Canada believes that supporting artistic talent can change lives for the better: Community members who are moved by the art work of prisoners can begin to think differently about the artists; and prisoners whose art work is appreciated by community members begin to think differently about their ability to contribute positively in their communities. This enhanced understanding can lead to important transformations that will make our communities stronger and safer.

The items listed below are available for purchase. If you wish to do so please call the John Howard Society of Canada at (613) 384-6272 or email us at

If you would like to donate art work to the John Howard Society of Canada for this purpose, we would be grateful to receive it. If you would like us to try to sell the artwork and we succeed, 80% of the sale price would be held for you to support your art and/or your reintegration needs.

If the image of your art work is used in merchandise, such as note cards or prints, 50% of the net proceeds of those sales would be held for you to support your art and/or your reintegration needs.

Price List

Please provide the ID number and desired sizing option of the painting you wish to purchase in your email.

6 Pack of Cards
plus shipping

3×5 size
Each bag contains 3 copies each of 2 different art pieces by the same artist.

Single Framed Print
plus shipping

8.5×11 print size
10×12.5 size in provided frame

Original Work
plus shipping

Original works may be available for some items. Please inquire if you are interested.

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Black Rose/ ID: 1001/ Artist: Lawrence Da Silva

Fish/ ID: 1002/ Artist: Lawrence Da Silva

Flowers in Vase/ ID:1003/ Artist: Lawrence Da Silva

Note: Due to the dimensions of the “Flowers in Vase” painting, It’s size deviates from the regular prints. This print is sized at 10.5x 16, and because of this, a frame is not provided with this print. Any other usage of this image is cropped to maintain standard sizing.

Bars and High Window/ ID: 1004/ Artist: Brock Martland

Crazy Bird 1/ ID: 1005/ Artist: Wayne Forest

Crazy Bird 2/ ID: 1006/ Artist: Wayne Forest

Lion/ ID: 1007/ Artist: Lawrence Da Silva

Wolf/ ID: 1008/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

Mirrored/ ID: 1009/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

Learning to Overcome Fears/ ID: 1010/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

Woman and Smoke/ ID: 1011/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

Frog/ ID:1012/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

Fire/ ID: 1013/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

Barbed Wire/ ID: 1014/ Artist: Peter Collins

Serenity/ ID: 1015/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

Loon and Fish/ ID: 1016/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

Birds and Sky/ ID:1017/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

Card Packs

3 cards each

Black Rose & Flowers in Vase/ ID: 2001/ Artist: Lawrence Da Silva

3 cards each

Lion & Fish/ ID: 2002/ Artist: Lawrence Da Silva

3 cards each

Loon & Serenity/ ID: 2003/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

3 cards each

Loon and Fish & Birds and Sky/ ID: 2004/ Artist: Nick Noochitai


Frog/ ID: 3001/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

Owl/ ID: 3002/ Artist: Nick Noochitai

Wasted Time/ ID: 3003/ Artist: Jeremy Hall

Laugh Now, Cry Later/ ID: 3004/ Artist: Jeremy Hall


If you wish to purchase any items you see here, please contact the John Howard Society of Canada by phone or email and state the ID number and desired sizing option of your purchases.

Phone: (613) 384-6272