From day one, journalists and academics have been all over the issue of solitary confinement in Canada. We’ve included a list of many of these articles below.


  • Listen to Justin Ling‘s timely piece on CBC’s Front Burner addressing Covid-19 in Canada’s prisons. Ling had already extensively identified these shortcomings in the CBA.
  • Read the brilliant Dr. Lazar’s work, along with our ED Catherine Latimer, as they give their perspectives on the unlawfulness of Covid prison lockdowns in the Centre for International Policy Studies blog, here.
  • The always masterful Dr. Iftene covered the topic in a Policy Options piece, here.
  • Examine Dr. Lazar’s outspoken work in the Toronto Star, here.
  • Two Queen’s PhD students effectively summarized the findings of the Doob& Sprott report.
  • Sabrina Maddeaux wrote about the specific impacts of solitary and the SIUs on women prisoners.
  • On November 10, 2020 Justin Ling wrote in the CBA National about how ongoing solitary confinement flies in the face of various court rulings.
  • On November 3, 2020, lawyer Michael Spratt noted that prolonged solitary confinement had not ended in Canada.
  • Our own Articling Student, Murray Fallis, discussed how the SIUs had failed here. 
  • Patrick White at the Globe chatted with Dr. Iftene in October, 2020 who clearly concluded solitary confinement continued in Canada.
  • See Jim Bronskill’s (Can Press) review of the Doob & Sprott report in October, 2020. Bronskill’s reporting was also vital when the Supreme Court heard the issue back in February of 2020.
  • In September, 2020, Samantha Allen at the Hill Times looked at the alleged “software issue” with SIU data. Samantha reviewed the issue again in November after it “flagrant non-compliance” was evident.
  • On August 8, 2020, Justin Ling wrote in Vice News about the IAP closing down.
  • In August 2020, the Star Editorial Board looked at solitary’s failed reforms, here.
  • The Globe & Mail covered the failed implementation of the SIU in late August and then again in November.
  • In the wake of many recent court rulings on solitary confinement, Jim Bronskill summarized the decisions and drew attention to the forthcoming Supreme Court ruling on the subject.




  • Geraldine Malone of TVO examines suicide in solitary in the years following Ashley Smith’s death.
  • In October 2016, the Star dove deep into Adam Capay’s experiences in solitary.


  • Trudeau calls for a ban on long-term solitary confinement as described by Sean Fine and Patrick White in the Globe.