Beginning in October of 2020, the John Howard Society of Canada undertook an initiative to expand the availability of up-to-date legal texts in Canada’s federal prison libraries. Over time, the John Howard Society of Canada hopes to ensure up-to-date legal information is available in all federal prison libraries.

This initiative supports the John Howard’s broader mandate of engaging in public education by ensuring that, in addition to their s. 10 Charter rights, federal prisoners can undertake their own research to the full extent possible.

Thank you to Thomson Reuters

An enormous thank you to Thomson Reuters, our first publisher to support this initiative.

In November of 2020, Thomson Reuters kindly donated more than $1,000 worth of legal texts. In mid-November 2020 these legal texts will be donated to the Minimum Institution library at Beavercreek Institution, located in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

We at the John Howard Society of Canada, along with many federal prisoners, express our gratitude and  appreciation to Thomson Reuters for their willingness to expand the availability of legal information for Canada’s federal prisoners.

Call out for further donations

Are you a publisher? Does your organization aim to expand the availability of legal information for federal prisoners? Feel free to get in touch. We can easily be reached at

What can you do to help?

  • Know a publisher? Feel free to spread the word about this initiative. We’re always happy to have more publishers supporting this cause.
  • Alternatively, know a representative at a federal penitentiary? Share this initiative with them as we seek to get more federal penitentiaries expressing an interest in receiving legal texts.