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Broader lessons from the Zameer case

April 25, 2024

Post #240 900 words; 4 minutes to read Summary: The serious problems revealed in the Zameer case are not rare; they occur every day in Canada’s justice system but usually do not get noticed. The acquittal recently in Toronto of...

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Presumed guilty

November 25, 2023 | , ,

Post #230 1100 words; 5 minutes to read Summary: Despite the official presumption of innocence when arrested, in reality accused persons are generally treated as if they were guilty. This post is reprinted with permission from the online publication Law360...

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Presumption of innocence is often a myth

March 16, 2020

830 words; 4 minutes to read We are told, and believe, that the presumption of innocence is a core concept in Canadian law.  Nobody is or should be presumed guilty until they plead guilty or are convicted in a court...

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