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Prisoners’ stories – I.M Grenada returns

December 14, 2020

Post #159 This post is about 1800 words and can be read in about 7 minutes. The grating debate by I. M. Grenada (pen name of a lifer prisoner in Canada). Previous work by this author published in 2017 and...

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One experience of segregation

November 18, 2020 |

This post was first published in November, 2018 on our blog. It gives one person’s experience of solitary confinement in a Canadian provincial jail. It is republished in connection with the current ‘Spotlight on Solitary’ campaign. More information on that...

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Prisoners on Prisons

September 28, 2020

Post # 151 710 words; 3 minutes to read Most Canadians have very little sense of what it is like to be in prison.  Perhaps most people don’t care, on the theory that ‘if you are in prison it’s for...

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Convict criminology

August 24, 2020 | , , , , , , ,

Post #148 720 words; 3 minutes to read In most social policy systems, having experience in the system is held to be an advantage for those who study it.  In some fields, such as medicine, virtually all those who teach...

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Prison experience part 4.

July 25, 2020

This post is 1500 words; 6 minutes to read. This is the fourth in an ongoing series of posts sent to us by a former prisoner who wishes to remain anonymous.  Previous posts in this series are here (#1), here...

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From Riches to Restorative Justice

June 25, 2020

By Joseph Grmovsek 1270 words; 5 minutes to read I was torn about how to begin this article.  Do I grab the attention of readers by describing the story behind my decade-and-a-half career insider trading in Canada and the United...

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Prison Experience – Part 2 – Assessment

May 5, 2020

1250 words; 5 minutes to read By Anonymous (Work sent to us by a former prisoner who does not wish to be identified) Part 1 can be found here. If you are sentenced in Canada to more than two years...

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