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Is crime about the individual or the society?

October 7, 2019 |

1000 words; 4 minutes to read. Many of the debates in criminal justice eventually come down to the question of how we understand wrongful behaviour. For most of human history, we have seen wrongdoing as lying in the individual who...

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Treating someone as a criminal perpetuates crime: Goldlist

March 25, 2019

This post is about 700 words and can be read in about 3 minutes. By Peter Small, AdvocateDaily.com Contributor Reprinted with the permission of AdvocateDaily.com A criminal record contributes to more crime Society’s branding of someone as a criminal becomes...

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Health care after prison

December 9, 2018

This post is about 580 words and can be read in 3 minutes. Many people leaving Canadian jails and prisons face very significant obstacles to developing a normal life.  Despite the criminal justice system’s official goal of assisting rehabilitation, those...

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More services lead to fewer crimes

August 20, 2018

This post is about 680 words and can be read in 4 minutes. Collaborative programs that provided health and social services to people in frequent trouble with the law had a very powerful positive effect in British Columbia, reducing recidivism...

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Seeing crime as a public health issue: Gregg Caruso

July 22, 2018

This post is about 950 words and will take 4-5 minutes to read. Gregg Caruso’s short and readable book, Public Health and Safety: The Social Determinants of Health and Criminal Behavior, available free online, makes the argument for thinking about...

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