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Indigenized prison programs: A human right, but not a solution

May 8, 2023

Post #217 950 words; 4 minutes to read.   By Justin Tetrault, University of Alberta.   Summary: Access to appropriate programs for Indigenous prisoners in Canada is inadequate even though these important programs will not resolve the issues related to over-representation...

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John Howard Society Week 2023

February 9, 2023 |

At John Howard Society Canada, we have arranged for some activities that we hope will raise public awareness about our charity and its engagement on issues and delivery of services to further just, effective, and humane responses to the causes...

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Our 200th post!

September 23, 2022 | , , , , , , ,

Post #200 500 words; 2 minutes to read Audio summary by volunteer Hannah Lee. This blog started 5 years ago as an experiment.  Was there a place for a Canadian online publication that addressed important issues in criminal justice, especially...

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Life in prison as told by prisoners: Penalpress.com

June 13, 2022

Post #193 800 words; 4 minutes to read Audio summary by volunteer Averi Brailey. Prisons remain an unknown for most Canadians.  We have very little idea of what goes on in these institutions.  The series of posts on this blog...

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Desistance from crime

May 26, 2022

Post #192 900 words; 4 minutes to read Audio summary courtesy of volunteer Averi Brailey. ‘Desistance’ is the concept describing the reduction or cessation of criminal activity.  It is, then, of huge interest to the criminal justice community.  In the...

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Harsher sentences for 2nd degree murder don’t make sense

January 25, 2022

Post #185 900 words; 4 minutes to read Audio summary by volunteer Averi Brailey Since 1976, when capital punishment was abolished in Canada, everyone convicted of murder automatically gets a life sentence.  Most Canadians would be surprised to know that...

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