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The John Howard Society of Canada

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  • mad one

    Since the Westray Mining Disaster we have witnessed a continuance of preventable accidents caused by negligence of the employer .Does anyone want to make this a Charter Challenge for the right to life ,liberty and security of the person ? We have a legal mess currently supported by the Attorney General .We accept a corporate safety system with no oversight for effectiveness or proper execution as proving reasonable doubt to avoid a conviction of criminal negligence. The torts or breaches of duty committed during the use of these systems are never revealed. If the system was used properly accidents caused by negligence would cease to happen. To put this into prospective review the two BC mill explosions in Burns Lake and Prince George .The science involved in these accidents is the simple fundamentals of fire. Fuel ,oxygen, ignition same as Westray yet we could not stop the first Mill or even the second from disaster. Do you understand how this legally continues to happen ?