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For the last two weeks, John Howard Canada has partnered with several other organizations to promote awareness of the problem of solitary confinement in Canada’s prisons.  Notwithstanding several court decisions and new legislation last year, the problems have not been resolved.  In fact, they have increased substantially as prisons use isolation as the main technique to try to address the problem of Covid-19 infections.

Readers can find links to the various events of this campaign in the News section of this website.  Many of the sessions are available on YouTube.

The following link is to a brief post written by John Howard Canada staff for the Centre for International Policy Studies at The University of Ottawa.  It provides a short history of solitary confinement in Canadian prisons and discusses the limitations of recent reforms.   It will be of interest to everyone concerned not only with solitary confinement, but with the larger problems of prisons and punishment.

Solitary Confinement in Canada’s Prisons: Time for Real Accountability





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