Are more judges key to ending court delays?

May 6, 2024

Post #241 1000 words; 4 minutes to read Summary: While timely appointment of judges is important, there are good reasons to believe that the delays in criminal courts are not primarily due to lack of judges, despite media reports.  ...

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Broader lessons from the Zameer case

April 25, 2024

Post #240 900 words; 4 minutes to read Summary: The serious problems revealed in the Zameer case are not rare; they occur every day in Canada’s justice system but usually do not get noticed. The acquittal recently in Toronto of...

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How can we help young men stay out of jail?

March 30, 2024

Post #238 900 words; 4 minutes to read   Summary: A study of 1600 young men in Quebec shows that imprisonment can badly interfere with normal life development, leading to increased recidvism. A very high proportion of the people in...

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Tough on crime is the wrong approach

February 28, 2024

Post #236 920 words; 4 minutes to read Summary: Tough on crime may make good politics but it’s bad policy.  One reason is that most people have committed a crime at some point in their lives, making it impossible to...

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Prisoner experience: Baglee hits the big time

February 6, 2024

Post #235 1200 words; 5 minutes to read Jonathan Baglee  is currently attending Athabasca U with the aspiration of becoming a lawyer.  This is the second part of his story; part 1 is here.   Audio summary by volunteer law student Hannah Lee....

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