The inequality of Canada’s criminal justice system

December 5, 2023

Post #231 911 words; 4 minutes to read Summary: Despite its envisioned role as a place for individuals who have committed crimes, the Canadian criminal justice system is one that disproportionately disadvantages the poor and marginalized, perpetuating disparities at various...

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Presumed guilty

November 25, 2023

Post #230 1100 words; 5 minutes to read Summary: Despite the official presumption of innocence when arrested, in reality accused persons are generally treated as if they were guilty. This post is reprinted with permission from the online publication Law360...

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New data on crime, prisons, parole

November 14, 2023

Post #229 1060 words – 5 minutes to read   Summary: The annual report (CCRSO) released by Public Safety Canada reveals important and troubling aspects of our criminal justice system. We have examined previous editions of this publication from Public...

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Studying youth with long-term criminal involvement

October 12, 2023

Post #227 1100 words; 5 minutes to read. Summary: This post is drawn from a powerful longitudinal study of young people with serious involvement in crime.  A key finding is that there are both important patterns and many exceptions to...

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Misrepresenting the data on crime

September 24, 2023

Post #226 950 words; 4 minutes to read Summary: Recent media reports alleging serious problems of rising crime are not consistent with the actual data reported by Statistics Canada. Major media (such as The Globe and Mail and National Post)...

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Police Stops: Some Benefits, But at What Cost?

September 9, 2023

Post #225 750 words; 3 minutes to read   By Hannah Lee, law student, Summary: Random police stops may help reduce crime but also carry high costs to the individuals stopped.  Other alternatives appear to be more effective. Police...

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Rethinking Canada’s carceral system

August 9, 2023

Post #223 700 words; 3 minutes to read Summary: A report from the Anti-Police Power Surrey makes three arguments in favour of a smaller criminal justice and penal system in Canada By Emily Stewart, Associate Editor Many debates in criminal justice...

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Prisoner Experience: The reality of bail in Canada

July 17, 2023

Post #222 500 words, 2 minutes to read Audio summary by volunteer Gilliam Sherman. This post is a statement by Rachel Fayter as part of a recent press conference addressing the real issues in bail reform.  Ms Fayter is a...

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