The John Howard Society of Canada releases ” Feeding Time: A Whole-Community Approach to Safer, Smarter Reintegration of Federal Prisoners in Post-Pandemic Canada”.  This report, written by federal prisoner I. M. Grenada, reviews Canadian provisions for the release and re-integration of federal prisoners in comparison to the approach in Norway, considered an international exemplar.  The report is highly relevant to the federal government’s “Framework to Reduce Recidivism“.

What sets this report apart is the writing, by a person who has served many years in federal prisons and knows the system as it really is rather than how it is officially described.  Grenada uses his own story and those of other prisoners, as well as the Norwegian example, to provide very specific ideas on how Canada could do a better job, thereby reducing recidivism and improving public safety.

The 100 page report is available to download free of charge here.



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