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Alec Karakatsanis tells the real story on crime

January 19, 2023 |

Post #208 800 words; 4 minutes to read. Summary: US commentator Alec Karakatsanis debunks much media and political propaganda about crime.   The last few weeks have seen an onslaught of media stories and political comments on criminal justice across...

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The costs of mandatory minimums

June 27, 2022

Post #194 700 words; 3 minutes to read   Audio summary by volunteer Averi Brailey   Since 1995, Canada has introduced a wide range of mandatory minimum sentences for various crimes, with a another big expansion under the Harper government. ...

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Criminal justice and the federal election

August 24, 2021

Post #175 830 words; 4 minutes to read Voice summary thanks to volunteer Averi Brailey. This post is a slightly edited reprint from one posted in the early days of the 2019 federal election.  The election is a time to...

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More posts worth a second look

February 7, 2020

580 words; 3 minutes to read Many previous posts on this blog continue to be highly relevant.  The problems they addressed remain as prevalent as ever.  These posts show how many of the issues in our system are well known...

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How to have a more informed debate on criminal justice policy

July 31, 2019

This post is about 1060 words and can be read in 5 minutes. Under the Harper Conservatives Canada experienced a considerable toughening of criminal justice laws.These included many more mandatory minimum sentences, restrictions on parole, much more restrictive rules for...

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